״A sliver of hope״

"A sliver of hope"-inspirational lecture

Survival, rehabilitation, and growth

Yaron Amit is lying in a critically injured state, unable to move, his friends are unaware of his injury.
He finds himself in a survival battle, a fight for life and death, and takes a decision that would later save his life…
"A sliver of hope" is an inspirational lecture based on the personal story of Yaron Amit, at the time a warrior in the IDF, and among the most severely head wounded soldiers that fought the Lebanon war- South Lebanon Security Zone.
Through this lecture, Yaron delivers to the audience his unbelievable personal story and leads them through a rocking survival testimony, facing an impossible recovery till he reaches a point of success and great achievements, he goes through all of that with a smile on his face and inspiring optimism.
Many people and even organizations, many times, reach a dead end, where all their sources run out and nobody has any answers or solutions.
It can happen due to a personal, physical, or mental crisis; an economical or professional setback, at work or at home, and when it happens, we come across an impassable barrier.
In his lecture "A sliver of hope", Yaron reveals to the audience that they cannot lose faith, and that it is always possible to find a way to overcome and reach high places, even when everything seems lost and impossible.
The participants of this lecture go through an unusual experience and discover within them powers they did not know they poses.
The audience receives tools that allow them to break through even in their lowest and weakest points and learn about the meaning of hope, intensity, creativity, and power of will.

:Via Yaron’s powerful speech we can learn about

:Yaron delivers his lecture in front of a wide range of organizations

  • Various schools, preparatory schools, and educational bodies
  • Associations and entities

    From teens to the elderly.
  • Business Companies
  • Institutional organizations
  • Government Offices
  • Councils and local authorities

About Yaron

Yaron is among the most severely head wounded soldiers who took part in the Lebanon war – South Lebanon Security Zone. With an unrecoverable injury, impossible to survive from, against all odds, with a lot of determination, power of will, and self-belief, he manages to do the impossible- which is to survive. With no other reasonable explanation from the doctors, they define him as a “medical miricale”.

Yaron soon discovers that although he stays alive, the buttle is not over.

Yaron’s sight was badly harmed and with it, all the thoughts/processing connections of the brain were damaged, like thinking, reading, speaking, memory, and calculating, which left him with the abilities of a child.

Due to his severe injury, the doctor's opinion was that his rehabilitation options were extremely limited and even impossible.
Despite all that, he begins a very excruciating journey of rehabilitation and self-learning till he is able to rehabilitate back to an active, full, and normative life.

With a great desire for life that does not stop for a minute, he does not pause, but sets himself a goal to achieve any destination that comes to his mind, no matter how hard or scary it may seem.
Starting with learning a new language and surfing high waves, continuing with entering the most tangled jungles of Colombia till establishing the first Israeli hotel in Cusco, Peru.
Today Yaron is an industrial and management engineer, married and a father of three, a senior purchasing manager, an author, and lectures about hope and growth out of struggles.